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KATSINA – The Founder and President of Al-Ansar Foundation, Dr. Mohammed Kyari Dikwa, mni, made an official visit to the Governor of Katsina State, His Excellency, Mallam Dikko Umar Radda, PhD at the Government House in Katsina yesterday. The visit centred around discussions on how to deploy innovative tools and mechanisms for the enhancement of the state’s revenue generation and fiscal management.

Dr. Dikwa, who is also the Chairman and Chief Consulting Officer of Bayco Consulting Firm, led a consortium of chartered accounting firms to present comprehensive set of proposals designed to transform the state’s fiscal and other developmental sectors. The strategies encompassed various sectors, including agriculture, infrastructure and technology, with an emphasis on sustainable practices.

In his presentation, Dr. Dikwa underscored the importance of establishing a more efficient and dynamic tax collection system, diversifying revenue sources, harnessing the potential of Katsina’s rich agricultural resources, promoting entrepreneurship, and upscaling the small-scale industries. He further highlighted the significance of leveraging technology for revenue administration and enhancing public private partnerships.

High-ranking state officials and financial experts, including the Honourable Commissioner of Finance, the State Accountant-General, the Chairman of the Treasury Single Account Implementation Committee among others attended the presentation, engaging in a productive dialogue about the proposed strategies and their potential impact on the state’s economy. The visit also sparked discussions about potential collaborations and workshops to train local financial personnel in adopting these best practices.

The Governor, H.E Dikko Umar Radda, PhD, during the meeting, showed a keen interest in Dr. Dikwa’s proposals, especially those related to plugging revenue leakages and harnessing the economic potential of the state’s untapped sectors. He said, “For Katsina State to progress, we must be proactive and open to innovative solutions. Dr. Dikwa’s insights have provided a clear roadmap for the state’s revenue enhancement.” The Governor further recalled Dr. Dikwa’s expertise in the field of public financial management while at the Federal Service.

The state government is expected to set up a committee soon to delve deeper into the strategies and see how best they can be adapted to Katsina State’s unique context.

As the visit concluded, there was a palpable sense of optimism about Katsina’s fiscal future. With a roadmap now in hand, the state looks set to embark on a journey of fiscal transformation.